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Dental implants are also known as fixtures or endosseous implants.  Surgically placed into the skull- or jawbone, these components act as an orthodontic anchor or an anchor to secure a facial or dental prosthesis. Last-mentioned can be a denture, crown or bridge.

To make this process work, material like Titanium is used to bond intimately to the bone, a process called osseointegration. The fixture is left to osseointegrate and heal for a certain amount of time, whereafter an abutment, bridge, denture or artificial tooth is added.

To sum up, dental implants are surgically secured replacements for roots of missing teeth. Acting as supports for a replacement tooth (crowns) or even a full set of teeth.

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What is the Best Alternative to Replace Missing Teeth?

As already discussed, there are three common options when it comes replacing teeth. These are bridges, removable dentures, and dental implants. Each of these alternatives offers their advantages and disadvantages, but if your number one priority is appearance, then implants will be your best choice. Let's look at the options in more detail 

Removable Dentures

A removable denture, or flipper, is precisely what the name implies. It looks just like the retainer often worn by teenagers, with an artificial tooth attached. It can be inserted and taken out as you wish. The main advantage of a removable denture is the fact that there is no surgery involved, and therefore, it can be used immediately. As they are not fixed in your mouth, it is possible for them to move in your mouth while eating sneezing or even eating. This can cause the dentures to crack and eventually break. In some cases, these dentures have to be taken out while eating, which many people might find embarrassing. 


A bridge is a more long-term option to deal with missing teeth as it supports the replacement denture using the real teeth as anchor. The dentist will produce three dentures, all linked together. This treatment has the advantage of being somewhat cheaper than an implant. Nevertheless, many dentists do not like bridges since it weakens two completely perfect molars or incisors. Bridges might likewise not be as aesthetically pleasing as the three dentures can often seem like one big molar. 

Dental Implants

Implants are the closest things to a real tooth. The method involves inserting a steel or titanium screw directly into the jawbone. After recovery, a replacement denture is securely attached to the screw. Dental implants can be slightly more expensive than bridges, and because of the healing time, it can also take longer. However, this offers the most realistic appearance, and it lasts much longer. Furthermore, you do not have to damage other molars or incisors during the process.

In conclusion, dental implants are the very best possible option to change a missing molar or incisor. In spite of the additional expense and time they require, they supply the most durable and lifelike solution.

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